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Why Legal Document Guy?

My name is Chris Robinson and I am a Legal Document Assistant (LDA) registered and bonded in Los Angeles County. I am also a top wedding officiant and issuer of confidential marriage licenses.

Although I am based in Long Beach, I am mobile and I can meet with you almost any place in Southern California that will be most convenient for you.

So that I can best assist you, I am Certified as an Estate Planning Specialist by the California Association of Legal Document Assistants and by the National Institute of Certified Estate Planners.

As one of the very few Legal Document Assistants who is also an attorney, I have unique set of skills and experience that enables me to assist my clients in a distinctively comprehensive way.

As a Legal Document Assistant I draw on my years of experience as an attorney while helping my clients to represent themselves for a fee that is a fraction of my old attorney fee.

My Story as a legal document assistant

I am an attorney, a Legal Document Assistant, a notary public with a special commission to issue confidential marriage licenses, a loan signing agent, and one of Southern California’s most popular wedding officiants.

Although I am not currently practicing law, I have been an attorney for almost thirty years and a  member of the California Bar Association since 1999.  When I practiced law my practice focused on corporate international tax litigation.

I have a Bachelors of Science in Psycho-Biology from UCLA, a law degree from Seattle University and Masters in Tax Law from the University of Washington.

I stopped practicing law when it became too difficult to manage my practice and be a parent to three children at the same time.  I love working with people and helping to make their lives easier and more productive.

As Legal Document Assistant (LDA), I am someone with legal experience, registered with the County and bonded, who can prepare affordable legal documents for you, but not offer legal advice.

However, after years as a practicing attorney I honed my technical legal skills and my attention to detail so that I uniquely suited to help you with your legal document needs.

If you know what legal forms you need, get it done correctly with this legal document preparer. Check the list of services I provided here and call me at 562-547-3255.