name change petition california

Name Change Petition California

Changing your name in California can be a bit complicated. Unless you are changing your name after your recent marriage or divorce or as part of a legal immigration process it involves several steps. A Petition for Change of Name may require the preparation of as many as eight legal documents and strict adherence to the Court’s name change procedures. All of the paperwork must be accurate. 

Before you file your petition, I will provide you with a detailed attorney drafted and approved summary of the required steps to complete your Name Change Petition so that you can be confident in your decision to have me assist you throughout the entire process.

Once the judge reviews your petition is published in a local legal journal for four weeks and the judge has a chance to review it, your name change will be approved. In California courts that typically takes about 2-3 months. Once the judge issues your name change decree I will let you know how to register your new name with the relevant governmental agencies. 

I will help you confirm the appropriate court in which to file your petition and I will ensure that all required documents are prepared exactly as the particular court requires. You can read more about the name change petition process here.

If you will be changing the name of your minor child a few additional steps may be required but I will help you to address your particular situation as quickly and efficiently as the California court system permits. 

Like all court petitions, a Petition for Change of Name Change will require the payment court filing fees. A Name Change Petition requires an additional publication fee. Some courts may require a California criminal records search but I will make sure that is completed with minimum of additional paperwork.  In exchange for my fee, I will prepare all of the necessary documents for you if you live anywhere in California. If you live in Southern California, I can actually do all the legwork for you too.

A name change petition will permit you to change your name if:

  • You were married and forgot to include a name change on your marriage certificate
  • You were divorced and wish to change back to your birth name
  • You have transitioned to a different gender
  • You just don’t like your name

Just fill out the form below and I’ll get back to you and begin the process of California Legal Petition for a Name Change.

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